Each year the collective efforts of StyleWeek Northeast’s founder, Rosanna Ortiz and her amazing team thrill us with dramatic themed runway shows and standout fashion designers. Don’t miss this year’s featured creative talents who will showcase resort and swimwear fashions:


Kasia from KARO

KARO Swimwear: Kasia Roginska

A native of Krakow, Poland, Kasia Roginska, has been passionate about fashion design since her childhood days when she would hand-sew outfits for her dolls.  After graduating from design school, she immigrated to the United States with her parents, settling in Connecticut.  During a hiatus from her trade, she became involved in woman’s fitness training, and was invited to model in local fashion shows where the idea of designing swimwear began to merge.  Encouraged by her husband and friends, Kasia launched KARO Swimwear in 2013.  Each design in the KARO Swimwear line is inspired by natural stones, pearls, jewels and crystals. Each of Kasia’s designs are bright, bold and elegant, and incorporate jewelry in some way.  Swimwear may be custom made to fit the owner to the smallest detail and there is also the possibility of matching shoes and accessories.  KARO swimsuits are handmade and hand-embellished for the contemporary, independent woman who likes to be unique.



KaliKa Swimwear: Lauren Rose

Lauren Rose is the Founder and CEO of KaliKa LLC. At a young age she had longed to give back to society and make a difference. Her care for others and the need to give back moved her to start her company at the age of 20. Based on her imaginative ability to raise money through her creativity, the KaliKa brand was born. With others in mind, from the drawing board to the day at the beach, Lauren Rose has found a way to help people while pursuing her passion. Today while she enjoys spending time with her family and staying fit at the gym, she keeps pushing forward to make a difference through her company. Inspired by the stories of those affected, makes her motivated to introduce the KaliKa brand to others. Lauren Rose is a strong believer of a world that works together and her mind for fashion is helping her make a difference


Melissa Hillas from GYPSETGIRL

GYPSETGIRL: Melissa Hillas

Melissa Hillas is the Founder and Creative Director of GYPSETGIRL. Bitten by wanderlust at a young age, Melissa has traveled the globe embracing each new destination and culture. An entrepreneur since the age of 25, Melissa did not foresee becoming a designer in her future. However, with the rise of her blogazine, the clothing and accessories she collected during her travels and the different textures and colors she stumbled upon, GYPSETGIRL as a clothing collection evolved organically. The entire creative process and those who provide her with a different outlook on life influence Melissa. Living day by day, Melissa enjoys the unknown of the present day and believes in making decisions as it unfolds. When Melissa is not designing or gypsetting the world to the most unique and desirable locations, she enjoys surfing, skiing and spending time with her friends.



Jess Abernethy

Jessica, a Providence-based designer, creates clean, forward and wearable apparel. She was born in Connecticut and moved to a small town outside of Nuremberg, Germany as a teenager. Jessica received degrees in both Design and Pattern Making from the esteemed ESMOD University in Munich. While in school, she completed an internship with Marc O’Polo, a Swedish clothing brand. Jessica returned to the United States in 2001 and launched her own line. Rather than focusing on trends, Jessica’s designs channel a sharp, effortless sophistication, reminiscent of her German education and the New England upper crust.