Strategic Plan

Over the last 150 years, Child & Family has become the largest and most comprehensive service provider in Newport County and one of the largest in the state of Rhode Island. We have evolved with the changing needs of our community yet our commitment and values – the Pillars of what we do – have changed little. With our strategic plan in place we have adopted 3 key pathways, Family Preservation, Best Practices, & Leadership.

Family Preservation – The ultimate goal that drives all that we do
Family preservation is giving families, parents, and children, the tools, skills, and resources to fulfill their aspirations. An intact family is the best environment
for a child’s safe and healthy development. We believe a collaborative process in which the family is fully engaged as an active partner will lead to the success of preserving the family.

Best Practices – A critical success factor and our commitment that no matter what we do, we will endeavor to utilize the best approaches available that yield measurable outcomes
All of our programs are moving towards evidence based practice models to ensure that our treatment philosophy is consistent across the board and that we use a common language. We have selected models that are strongly supported by research specific to the populations with whom we work allowing us to measure and evaluate goals and produce the best outcomes for the family in a reasonable timeframe.

Leadership – A critical success factor and our commitment to be a driver and innovator in the fields of policy/practice and organization
Leadership is about defining the future, establishing roles, responsibilities and opportunities for staff and volunteers to achieve our vision and personally and professionally reach for benchmarks of integrity, honesty and servant leadership.

The journey ahead will be both challenging and exciting. Together, our exceptional team, our funders, and the community we serve will strengthen our two core beliefs:

  • Individuals & communities thrive when supported by strong families.
  • A community works best when it accepts responsibility for all its members.

Thank you for sharing the journey with us.