Child & Family Policy and Legislative Priorities for 2022

The health and well-being of families throughout Rhode Island has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ensuing workforce crisis now limits Child & Family’s ability to respond to the increased need in the communities we serve. We have waiting lists in many of our programs due to staff shortages and structural flaws in contract rate setting that has not recognized the increase in expenses due to COVID. Our clients need:

-quality, early childhood education for working parents at our Sandpipers Early Learning Center,

-a range of preventative programs that enable families to be resilient in the face of mental health crises,

-support to children and youth in foster care and residential treatment programs,

-and, on the other end of the lifespan, case management support to low-income seniors so that they can remain in their homes with dignity.

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Child & Family Policy and Legislative Priorities for 2022 (3.16.22)