On Thursday, April 28, 2022, Child & Family testified at the RI State House in support of Bills 2200 and 2311

On Thursday, April 28, 2022, Marty Sinnott, President & CEO, Child & Family, along with Gina Lucia, Family Service Care Coordinator, FCCP, Child & Family, and FCCP client Sherrica Randle testified at the RI State House in support of Bills 2200 and 2311. These Bills focus on rate relief so that human and health service agencies like Child & Family can continue to support the families in crises we serve.

Ms. Randle shared her story about how her 13-year-old daughter has suffered through a series of mental health crises and was recently held in Newport Hospital’s emergency room until a bed opened at Bradley Hospital. Her daughter could not attend school, could not have family members visit due to COVID restrictions, and received no mental health support during her stay in the ER. This is unacceptable, our families and our children deserve better.

To view Ms. Randle’s brave testimony, please watch HERE and skip to 2:11:07.

CLICK HERE to view Marty’s full testimony.


Pictured left to right; Marty Sinnott, Halim Saucer (Ms. Randle’s son), Sherrica Randle, & Gina Lucia