Addiction & Recovery Services

iStock_000016920007Medium Are you or someone you care about suffering from addiction? The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified at least 15.3 million people with drug use disorders. With so many pressures from society, family, work and other influences we can understand the stress you feel and want to help make a change for your future.

Child & Family offers outpatient substance abuse treatment for adults led by interdisciplinary teams consisting of clinical social workers, master level clinicians and a psychiatrist to meet the unique needs of each person who is seeking help.

Prevention tools are taught to practice self-care in order to cope with emotional, physical and mental relapses.

Remediation helps the addict to stop acting-out and establish sobriety, stay emotionally present and achieve recovery goals.

Evaluation begins by assessing the scope and severity of the substance use and interralated problems.

Consultations with providers and treatment programs, along with outpatient interviews, are helpful to define the best course of action for each client.

Services may include individual therapy, couples counseling, medication management for those struggling with co-occuring disorders and family counseling.  The services are strengths-based, responsive, individualized and client centered to adapt to the needs of each patient.

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