Foster Care

treatment_foster_care One of the greatest joys of being a foster parent is knowing that you are helping a child during an uncertain time. These children simply want to feel safe, secure and loved.

Child & Family’s Foster Care program is a structured, supportive type of foster care called Treatment Foster Care and is for children and youth requiring a little more guidance and support to help them be successful at home, in school and with their families and friends. Children eligible for this program have experienced some form of trauma, abuse and/or neglect. Some children may be placed in foster care immediately after removal from their homes because it may be unstable or unsafe. The goal is to achieve permanency through reunification, adoption or other permanent living situation.

Now more than ever, studies are showing that youth benefit from a family setting and have more success in school and later in life. Therefore the need for Foster Families is greater than ever and we need you.

Child & Family is Looking for Foster Parents Who:

  •     Are caring, responsible individuals, single, married, or partnered willing to be part of a professional team
  •     Are willing to learn about the dynamics of working with children and youth who have difficult histories
  •     Who rent or own a home
  •     Are at least 21 years of age and can pass a criminal background check
  •     Participate fully in the screening and pre-placement training process including a home study
  •     Provide adequate income to meet their personal and family needs outside of any financial support from foster care reimbursement

Our Commitment to a Positive Foster Care Experience:

  •     Foster Families receive comprehensive training before and during their time of providing care for foster children
  •     Foster Families receive supportive foster care staff available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  •     Foster Families receive adequate financial support to meet the needs of foster children
  •     Foster Families are encouraged to participate in support groups designed to assist parents with the challenges of parenting children and teens who have experienced trauma.