Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO-A)

Be The Reason Be The Reason A Child Succeeds!

At Child & Family we believe that all children, no matter their circumstances, thrive in a family setting. RI Kids Count data from December 2015 states there were 400 youth in congregate care, of the youth in congregate care, 257 youth (64%) were between the ages of 14-17. Typically, these youth have not been able to live successfully within their homes despite the efforts of their caregivers. Evidence demonstrates these youth find success with a different approach to treatment. As a result Child & Family is excited to introduce the only evidence based foster care model, TFCO-A, to Rhode Island.

TFCO-A is an evidenced based model that is designed to create opportunities for youth to successfully live in a family setting as opposed to an institution or group setting and to prepare their biological or aftercare resource with skills to effectively parent in a manner that will support the progress made in TFCO-A.

There are 4 key elements to TFCO-A’s treatment:

  1. Creating opportunities for the youth to succeed both socially and academically through mentorship and encouragement
  2. Providing clear expectations, consistent limits and delivering consequences in a teaching-oriented manner
  3. Providing close supervision
  4. Helping the youth develop a positive peer group

Guided by the 4 key elements of treatment, our TFCO-A team (Team Lead, Recruiter, Skills Trainer, Family Therapist and Individual Therapist) works together with the Foster Family to provide a platform for success for both the youth and the biological or aftercare resource.

The youth receives weekly individual therapy which focuses on empowering the child and the Individual Therapist becoming their advocate to the TFCO-A team. The youth receives weekly skills training focused on developing pro-social skills and positive interaction with the youth’s community. The youth receives positive reinforcement around skill development within the foster home and a level system tailored to their individual treatment.

The biological or aftercare resource is emphasized during the entire duration the youth is in the TFCO-A program. The aftercare resource also receives weekly therapy focusing on developing skills to support the youth within the home and the Family Therapist becoming their advocate to the TFCO-A team. TFCO-A staff will also be an on-call support directly to the family whenever needed.

Our team is looking to collaborate with excited families who can provide a loving environment, close supervision and help a youth develop pro-social skills. We offer continuous training, support and financial compensation to all foster families. If you are interested in joining our team click here to provide us with more information.

The program is designed for the youth between the ages 12-17 to reunify within 6-12 months.